Share Your Moments

Photo Competition

We’d love to see what you make of the Flows. Our photo competition is a chance to showcase your memories and impressions – and inspire others with your pictures! We’ll add the best images to the gallery below as they come in.


How to enter

The easiest way to enter is to post your photos to Instagram and add the hashtag of the current competition (see below). If you prefer, you can send us your pictures by email. If you win, your prize will be the glory of having your photo as our Facebook and Twitter cover photo. And keep watching, as we might up the stakes! 


Keep in touch

You can also keep in touch with the Flows and our conservation work, and share your thoughts and impressions, on Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtag #theflowcountry to join the conversation.





If you don't have it yet, you can download Instagram
Or if you'd rather send us your photos, please get in touch;